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The Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois

The Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois (SILC), formed in 1993, is a not-for-profit statewide planning organization. The Council is made up of 18 voting members who are appointed by the Governor and the majority of the voting members must consist of individuals with disabilities who are not employed by a Center for Independent Living (CIL) or a state agency.

SILC of Illinois announces Shelly Richardson as new Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois is pleased to announce the selection of Dawn Shelly Richardson as its next Executive Director. Shelly will begin her employment on March 1, 2017.

Ms. Richardson has been employed at IMPACT CIL since January of 2007 as their Community Reintegration Specialist– now referred to as Transition Coordinator, for Money Follows the Person. She is also the CIL’s Housing Specialist. While in this position she has helped to forge a relationship with Madison County Housing Authority and have been instrumental in a policy change which now recognizes preference points for those residing in nursing facilities.

Shelly completed her Masters of Public Administration and Policy Analysis degree in December of 2012. Within this program she completed specific course work in labor relations and contract negotiations, not for profit agency management, personnel management, budgeting, and public policy analysis. Shelly has a Bachelor Degree is in Political Science with a Minor in Psychology.

Please help us in welcoming Shelly to the Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois.

The SILC Mission

Our Mission – To provide leadership, research, planning and education required to support independent living services in Illinois. We achieve our mission by: Identifying and reaching out to persons currently un-served and underserved by Centers for Independent Living; Increasing awareness of independent living services and the independent living philosophy; Helping existing CILs to better serve persons with disabilities; and Promoting the development of new CILs.

Our Vision – We see an Illinois where persons with disabilities are independent, in control of their lives and free from barriers to full participation in society.

SILC Activities include – Sponsoring public hearings, public meetings, policy summits and other educational and outreach efforts; providing information to public officials, state agencies and local organizations and individuals; and conducting studies, training and research.

SILC Members – SILC members are volunteers appointed by the Governor. A majority of voting members must be persons with disabilities who do not work for state agencies or Centers for Independent Living. Members are from all regions of the state, represent a broad range of disabilities, and are knowledgeable about Centers for Independent Living and independent living services. Voting members include persons with disabilities, parents, advocates, and representatives from private business, organizations serving persons with disabilities, and CILs. Non-voting members represent state agencies that provide services to persons with disabilities.

SILC Commitments

We promise to persons with disabilities that we will provide leadership in the planning activities and advocacy vital to improving their ability to live independently and participate fully in society.

We promise to Centers for Independent Living that we will provide the training, research and comprehensive planning documents necessary to support the continued development of independent living services and Centers for Independent Living throughout Illinois.

We promise to decision-makers that we will provide authoritative, reliable information necessary to evaluate policy options and to guide the allocation of resources required to allow persons with disabilities to live independently.

We promise to the general public that we will pursue our mission in an open, honest and responsible manner, and that we will provide the public education necessary to ensure adequate independent living services for citizens with disabilities in Illinois.