Patient Advocacy Webinars

Jul 13, 2017

SILC and INCIL are pleased to host a series of webinars designed to enhance patient advocacy for persons with disabilities at hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Speaker Andrés Gallegos, Esq. will provide monthly webinars focusing on the rights of people with disabilities to accessible healthcare and teaching participants to “Act B-A-D,” a three-phase patient advocacy strategy.

Each month’s webinar will focus on a specific disability population for members of that populations, their families and their advocates.

Each webinar will be held from 1pm – 3pm and end with a live Q & A period.
All of the webinars will be captioned, recorded and posted to for your viewing pleasure 24/7.

Registration is not necessary. Links to join the webinar are below.

August 23 – Deaf and Hard of Hearing (

September 20 – Mobility Disabilities (

October 25 – DD / ID (

November 15 – Blind and Visual Disabilities (