Position on Center for Independent Living Base Funding

Centers for Independent Living are community based, non-residential, not-for-profit organizations whose services educate and empower both persons with disabilities and the community at large. The end result is a more open and accessible community which provides the opportunities needed by persons with disabilities to direct their own lives, participate in their communities, and achieve self-sufficiency.

Since 1985, Illinois has supported the expansion of Centers for Independent Living (Centers) through contracts from General Revenue Funds. For some Centers this is their sole source of funds; others receive some amount of federal funding under Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act. The number of Centers in Illinois has grown from two (2) in 1984 to twenty-four (24) in 1999. While this has been a most positive trend, the amounts allocated to establish and maintain Centers have been inconsistent and inadequate. This has been exacerbated by the fact that for many years Centers received no funding increases, and were not included when cost of living increases were provided to other community service providers.

After analyzing the Centers in Illinois, as well as reviewing the practices and policies of some other states, the Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois requests that the State of Illinois establish a base level of funding of $250,000 for Centers for Independent Living. This base would include any federal funds a Center might receive under Title VII, and Illinois General Revenue Funds. No Center would be established for less than this amount, and those Centers who currently receive less than this amount would be provided funding increases to bring them up to this level. The amount required to make this adjustment at this time would be $1,071,217.

Attached is a chart showing existing Centers, their current revenues, and the amounts needed to bring Centers below the $250,000 level up to that amount. In addition, see Appendix (i) RE: INCIL CIL Base Plus Funding Position.