Position Paper on Reintegration/Deinstitutionalization

It is the position of the Statewide Independent Living Council of Illinois that all people, regardless of their disability, deserve the opportunity to live in the community, to make their own choices in life, and to speak for themselves. We believe that the institutional bias in Illinois should be reversed and that all people with disabilities must have the option of obtaining assistance with daily living in their homes and communities. In addition to cost savings for Illinois, the dignity, quality of life, and productivity of people with disabilities would be enhanced.

To this end, the Statewide Independent Living Council supports:

A moratorium on admission of people with disabilities to all state institutions and a moratorium on the development of any new private institutions.
Consistent with Olmstead vs. LC&EW, and Title II of the ADA, waiting lists for Community Integrated Living Arrangements must be ended to allow all eligible people with disabilities to live in the community.
A national consumer-controlled personal assistant services program that incorporates the basic principles of the Medicaid Community Attendant Services and Supports Act (CASSA): A community based alternative to nursing homes and institutions for people with disabilities.
An expansion of the Department of Human Services Home Services Program funding for the Reintegration Program to include all Centers for Independent Living. This expansion is in addition to the base funding level.
A statewide system of independent living services and advocacy must be supported and incorporated by all state agencies.
All public policies regarding reintegration/deinstitutionalization should accommodate the National Council on Independent Living’s Ten Principles on Independent Living (see appendix [ii]).
SILC Position Statement 10-95